Saturday, August 29, 2009


Table 6 at 3:45PM. This light is unlearnable

Random Summer Snaps

Glass Made Out Of Gas

I just spent an incredible week on the east coast with Caitlin's family and then mine. It was a week of solid beach, sleep, food, and good times with my biggest concern being "is that a mosquito bite or just caked on sand?" I also think i found my new favorite camera. Atmosphere provided by Hurricane Bill, good vibes by Junah and Elodie Sibony, and massive love brought to and from Caitlin Buckingham Reilly

The Breeze Abides

A bunch of mornings ago I awoke to some texts that told me some really bad news. A search ensued that led to a very loving but sad man sleepy, sober, and in one beautiful piece.

Phone calls were made and plans commenced and we all moved to the next step in one way or another I heard some stories that morning that will forever change the way I think about things and I want to say a very heartfelt thanks to all those involved. Live for what you got, remeber what you had and keep moving forward. Much love to all of you

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Metropark

Look Book is out. Really happy with it. Thanks to my team and the whole Metropark team for working their collective butts off and making this work. See it here

Soldier On

New Zine. Except its a secret. Go here for more info