Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Purses DOWN!

Just got back from Park City where I shot a big portfolio for ESPN The Magazine. Had a blast with all the athletes and met some of Park Cities favorite sons at a bar on main street that I forgot the name of. Here is Dan Busta aka Mr Moustache with one of his many dancing partners. Big thanks to Jen (she took the snap of Dan and Co.), Mason, and Dan for the hard work and good times.

Felt 3

The new Felt record comes out Nov 11. The third one I have done the art for so i guess thats a hat trick! So stoked to work on another one and to work again with Kai Benson who is Minnesotas secret weapon in the design/art direction department.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am in a show in the courtyard at Space 1520 in Hollywood this Thursday. Some of my favorite folks in LA are also showing with me. Put on by the Lucie Foundation. Must RSVP by tomorrow!!! at

My Sister

Jenny Monick has a show up in NY right now. Oils. Beautiful.

Front room of the Greene Naftali Gallery

Sept. 22 through October 17th

508 W. 26th St., 8th Fl.

if you are in NYC, take a look

Monday, September 21, 2009

Accidental Memorial

Running around Joshua Tree on what happened to be the 36th anniversary of the death of Gram Parsons. Cosmic American.

Jeff Light and Dark

Holly and Justin came by one day and dropped off a land camera. I've always had them and messed with them a bit but with the discovery of how cool the afternoon light looks at the studio and also remembering that there is a place on 3rd St that makes batteries for them, I have started to take a portrait of everyone who comes by each day. Jeff Electric was by today doing some work and out of the props laying around he opted for Heathers Mr S hat. A bold move. But, as is evidenced, Jeff is a bold man.

Magic Hour

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Summer Closer

My friends Claire and Jeremy had us print up a zine for their show SF at the Medicine Agency. The opening was Saturday but I think its up for a bit so if you are in San Francisco go check it out. Its pretty awesome.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Better Late

Hope R.I.P.

Not So Distant

Ive been going through images putting together a show that will open in November. Found this roll of New Years Day where Caitlin and I have started a tradition of driving the length of Sunset Blvd starting at Figueroa and diving into the water at Matador as the sun sets. The sun set part wasnt planned as much as we have jammed to get there before it gets dark so we wind up jumping in at sunset. The flock of cormorants were perched on the rock when we got there and as we ran into the water they all flew with us, circled above and then returned to the rock as we went back to shore. Like a winged halo over the birth of the new year. Freezing and smiling and knowing the beginning was only the beginning

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My youth redesigned

Eyedea  First Ave 9.8.09

I was in Minneapolis for the last couple days shooting the last peice of the Felt 3 cover and doing a little work on the book. I shot a photo of my friend Sean standing in the exact same place I photographed him for the first time in 1998 about an hour after getting off the plane so the whole trip started as one massive flash back. I then stepped into the offices of Target with my friend Jason Miller and realized they were now occupying the space that used to house the City Center food court. It was a bizarre feeling to watch the Target creative team buzzing away in the spot where I learned how to smoke, met girls and punk rocked posed when i was 14 years old. A massive chunk of my 80's Minnesota new wave youth was spent roaming Lagoon and Hennepin and The Ediner Cafe but the base of my pre drivers liscence existence stemmed out of massive City Center food court hang time. I know its a mall but it was in the middle of downtown ands its cold in Minnesota and you had to sit somewhere to wait for the all ages shows at the Entry to start.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Sisters Son


Two very cool people to spend a few hours with on a Monday afternoon. Experts at a virtual encyclopedia of topics. Seriously.

Smoke and Mirrors

Holly and Justin at the studio sometime in July.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I used to play in a band called Lifter Puller from Minneapolis. We are re-releasing EVERYTHING we ever recorded plus bonus live tracks. We have made a 98 page book with tons of old photos, interviews with friends who were around the band during its life span. Plus all the lyrics. We will be selling the book with a download card in the back for all the music. I just got the proof copy and it looks great. Check here for more info as we figure out its exact release date.

Work Front

Photos in the new Interview Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Maxim and....I think thats it. Just shot for ESPN, Haus of Howe, Exene Cervenka, DubLab, Shephard Fairey, and the upcoming Felt Record. New Zine from Fathersons and two shows coming up this fall. Feels all windy.