Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Rules

I went to go see P.O.S. play last night

Thank god these incredibly explicit rules were posted (click image to enlarge) so that utter pademonium didnt break out at the club, oh thats in a mall by the way

I mean, one more tea bag in this sink and we could have had a problem. Like the soap could have been knocked over or something

Im sorry but this is part of the reason I just dont leave the house much. i think if I do, I will regulate it to being the weird old guy at the illegal puker parties that Anthony seems to attend on a regular basis. Oh, and Bruce Springsteen at the LA Sports Arena, but at least there Im pretty much prepped for wack rules and policies. Besides that I think its just going to be about trying to figure out how to beat Caitlin at backgammon at least ONCE after 273 games.

One must note (steve dude notation) , the show was pretty damn epic. Stef's growth as a performer has moved in phenomenal bounds. Not to say he was bad at first but he has gotten so good. The whole Doomtree family was great and I will say the staff at the Knitting Factory was very nice. I think the drunk guy who drove his pick up into 3 different pillars, like hard, in the parking garage was nice too but Im not sure as the only interaction with him was the "Its cool" wave as he drove by us for the second time cause he could'nt figure out where the exit was.

Also, as a side note, the art work on the P.O.S. new album is probably the single greatest packaging I have ever seen. Seriously. Its pretty mind blowing and totally customizable (?) Huge huge hugs to him and Rhyme Sayers and Eric Carlson who designed it. I think they cost like 3 bucks a peice to make so go buy one just to encourage this kind of activity even if you dont like P.O.S. Oh and the record is good too. Actually havnt even listened to it yet, well two songs but since last night Ive just been geeking on the art its so rad. Officially longest blog post ever. Good bye

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