Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great Friday

I have three photos in the new issue of OUT magazine with Beth Ditto on the cover. Shot Jon Foster for them.
Very cool guy and a very good climber

Shots in FastCo and Spin as well this month

Went to see Leonard Cohen Friday night. Wow.

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Jon said...

Hello Mr. Monick! I am a new fan of your work, as I recently saw the pictures you took of Jon Foster for Out magazine. I love this shoot, and since I know there are usually outtakes, I was wondering, where could I find the outtakes of the Jon Foster shoot that you did? I've looked high and low, and Jon is a great actor and hard to find images of. I know this is how you make your living too, so I'm just wondering where I could find/purchase perhaps the other pictures? Thank you! My email is