Monday, July 27, 2009


Shot new Metropark look book. Def best one yet. Shot for Fortune Magazine and Maxim in the same week. I shot the cover for the new Abstract Rude album and that came out this month. Shot for the LA Times. Shot a beauty story with the wonderful Miss Amy "Face" Chance. My wonderful girl friend is in Istanbul which is far away and I miss her but its also awesome when people go "Where is Caitlin?" and I say "Istanbul." Just back from San Francisco where we started the scanning process for my book that is coming out on Gingko Press. Started shooting the new Felt record. Our first release on Fathersons is out!!! Luis Felipe Farfan ladies and gentlemen. The site will have the option to buy via paypal as soon as Anthony figures it out. Super short run zines. 30 each. Luis's is first and we have a super secret one coming plus zine from Jesse Spears, Sage Vaughn, Anthony's friend from Japan if we can ever get her to send us the damn polaroids and much more!!!! Stayed tuned!!! jeez. what a month

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