Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My youth redesigned

Eyedea  First Ave 9.8.09

I was in Minneapolis for the last couple days shooting the last peice of the Felt 3 cover and doing a little work on the book. I shot a photo of my friend Sean standing in the exact same place I photographed him for the first time in 1998 about an hour after getting off the plane so the whole trip started as one massive flash back. I then stepped into the offices of Target with my friend Jason Miller and realized they were now occupying the space that used to house the City Center food court. It was a bizarre feeling to watch the Target creative team buzzing away in the spot where I learned how to smoke, met girls and punk rocked posed when i was 14 years old. A massive chunk of my 80's Minnesota new wave youth was spent roaming Lagoon and Hennepin and The Ediner Cafe but the base of my pre drivers liscence existence stemmed out of massive City Center food court hang time. I know its a mall but it was in the middle of downtown ands its cold in Minnesota and you had to sit somewhere to wait for the all ages shows at the Entry to start.

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Phil said...

wow. this book is going to be amazing, i'll be looking out for it. !!!