Monday, January 24, 2011

Holiday ReCap

I feel enough time has passed to get a bit of perspective on the 2010/2011 Holiday Season. Well, also I finally got my film back.

It ramped up slowly with the placing of the tree

Xmas Eve Chinese dinner with Will.

Xmas morning breakfast, well lunch kind of with Caitlin

Kind of just meandered through the in between days

Happy Birthday Claudia!!

Then Bam! New Years was an unexpected mind scramble. I ran out of film when the helicopters showed but they were the perfect cap to the evening

Traditional Cali Dewitt New Years Day portrait. First one I took of him 6 years ago had him sporting an eye patch and a mean case of the Bell's Palsy. he looks so suave this year

11:11 PM on 1.1.01 !!!!!!

Hope everyone is gearing up for a fantastic 2011. We are barely into it and I think it, wait I know it is going to be AMAZING.

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