Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Son

The Sads silent show. Westwood massive

Me and Annie drove to Costa Mesa this evening. I had to shoot something, she had to pick up her car. On the way down we saw this awesome Marylin Monroe impersonator (not sure if it was a guy or a girl) in full makeup appllying more make up in the rearview mirror while doing a steady 80 mph. Had all these gowns and stuff hanging from the coat hook in back. Wheels crossing the yellow back and forth. By the time I caught up to her to take a snap she saw us and just waved, big smile parade float perfect side to side wave with the mascara wand pinched between her forefinger and thumb. Another wild night was getting under way in the great O.C.

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Cali said...

Too heavy, too high. I've been trying grass and taking pot all day.