Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Singing Up To People Like That

2 years ago today, well two years ago last night I sat in my car at three in the morning crying like a baby because you made a song come true. When I was a kid, when rock and roll and soft rock and new wave and punk rock and all of it began to have its amazing power on me like nothing else I would hear songs and dream, wish, beg some kind of god that the feelings described in these mind melting opuses I crawled inside to would someday happen to me. That the lift that the arrangement and the words and the kick drum at just the right place and how they all swirled in ways totally indescribable. That someday the songs would come true. And after coming home late and finding your package and opening the CD and having no where to play it except my car and driving around as each song amazed me more than the next then wham in front of my house after I had driven by yours to see if the light was on and I came back and before I could pull in the drive way the song came on. I hadn't heard it in years and years and it hit and I pulled over immediately even though I was feet from my driveway cause it peeled away everything and I sat stunned sobbing and knowing that what ever happened, what ever happened when I called you the next day and we went to eat and we held hands by the library and decided to try again, no matter what happened you had made the song come true. Years and years and years of wondering why life never seemed to have the same power as it did when those songs came on and then there it was. 3am in front of my house crying while the parking guy told me i had to move my car as I realized that the song was describing exactly what was going on at that very moment, like you were talking to me, directly to me through my radio. Thank you my love. For this I owe you all
Yours Tru(e)ly

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